Any quality C projects with readable code that one can learn from?

Do you know any good C projects made in SDL2 where I could look at the code to see how they did it, and be sure they have done their homework and do everything correctly? I know about the tutorial (I don’t say in plural because all of them except 1 are for C++, and ALL books as well), and I know about the header files, but I don’t think they are enough.

Doesn’t have to be games, can also be programs and stuff.


C for games? Hm… Good luck, you gonna need it. With so many twisted ways a game can go, according to values in variables, I think it’s crucial to have them locked tightly.

It really is a bit sparse, here’s the best search I could come up with on github: c · GitHub Topics · GitHub
It comes up with 122 hits; A couple still turned out to have C++ in them, but most are C centrist.
I’m going through some now out of interest, I’ll post again if I find one in particular that stands out for good practices.

found this playlist the other day

How to make a GAME ENGINE | SDL2

its C and SDL2 and opengl

he goes pretty fast, but you can always pause the video and you can download the code

this video is pretty great [[Part 1] Tic-tac-toe Game in C with SDL -- Procedural vs Functional - YouTube] also so far im finding the old book Programming Linux Games explains SDL and the process around it clearly and the book C in a Nutshell second edition has all the answers to any questions ive had about programming in C.

Some other C / SDL ones I’ve found - the tutorials here and SDL2 Game Tutorials -