Any way to uniquely identify a machine?

There are OS-specific methods to grab an installation UUID, or certain hardware identification numbers, etc, but is there any SDL function for this?

I’m not asking for DRM purposes, though I suppose you might be able to use it that way. I was thinking of using it to get a ballpark user count without requiring registration or anything.

Any reason you can’t just generate a guid on first-run and that will give you something very reasonably unique.

Only thing is that I would prefer to have a solution that is resistant to reinstall, but I guess if it’s supposed to be a ballpark anyway, this could suffice. Probably not a lot of people are going to reinstall on the same machine unless my software doesn’t work very well, which of course is not the objective.

you could write it into the registry or a config in the user dir or whatever is appropriate for the platform

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