App rejected when uploaded to mac appstore

We’re trying to submit an SDL game to the Mac Appstore. But it gets rejected with the following message from apple:

"Guideline 2.5.1 - Performance - Software Requirements

Your app uses or references the following non-public or deprecated APIs:

• _op_open_callbacks
• _op_head
• _op_seekable
• _op_pcm_total
• _op_pcm_seek
• _op_free
• _op_read
• _op_tags
• _op_pcm_tell

The use of non-public or deprecated APIs is not permitted on the App Store, as they can lead to a poor user experience should these APIs change and are otherwise not supported on Apple platforms."

Has anyone encountered this? Any solutions?

Edit: We are using ogg for music and sound effects but forgot to link to the (optional) ogg.framework/opus.framework. The game worked perfectly fine on our mac just linking to sdl2_mixer.framework (how is that even possible?). But maybe the missing frameworks is the reason for the rejection?

It was the missing frameworks that caused the rejection. Still confused about how the app could run on our own machine.

Do you have OPUS installed someone on your system? It was probably finding that.

Something to do with the paths of the libraries I think. I had this problem years ago and solved it by making a script, but there’s probably a better way. That was my question and solution: macos - Making Xcode embed necessary dylibs - Stack Overflow

On Linux and Windows is relatively straightforward to spin up some VM that has nothing to check if something runs in a clean environment.

I am using tart ( to build my things in CI/CD pipelines, I haven’t played with it locally, but I am curious if I could use it to spin some clean macOS environment in my current Mac to test if the built app would work in an empty environment. For now I use the ask a friend approach.