Apple's ARM-based Macs

Is there a roadmap for porting SDL 2.0 to Apple’s new ARM-based Macs? Does anybody know whether they will still support OpenGL? It is claimed that they will run iOS apps which would imply that at least OpenGL ES is supported in that mode, but I don’t suppose anybody would be surprised if they finally remove OpenGL in favour of Metal in desktop mode.

As per they still support OpenGL (for now), but you’re heavily encouraged to move to something which doesn’t use OpenGL (for example using Metal directly, or using Vulkan via MoltenVK, or using a higher level library which itself uses Metal internally).

Thanks, that’s most helpful. I’m sure I’m not unusual in using SDL 2.0 in conjunction with direct calls to OpenGL to achieve things like 3D graphics and/or shader programming, something which is positively encouraged by the SDL2 API. This currently works on pretty much every platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and Web Assembly at least) and it’s simply not practical for me to make one of them a special case.

SDL2 mercurial works on the ARM mac