Are gone the days of building Android apps via command line and Ant?

I setup a new development computer and pulled down the latest Android Studio, packages, etc. Setup the development environment to only realize Ant has been stripped from Android SDK tools. Following the instructions in was my means of getting projects setup but this will no longer work.

Lazy-Foo’s tutorial on using Android Studio to compile your projects doesn’t match what is in Android Studio as of now. Another dead end.

So now what?

I think it is the best way to be in mainstream and use gradle with android plugin.

I was able to do the “./ org.libsdl.testgles …/test/testgles.c” fairly quickly from the command line. There was one issue a few days back in the repo that looks to be fixed now. Can you give it a retry? What errors are you getting? What platform? (I was able to use Linux, Windows with Cygwin, and OSX)

In setting up a new Linux computer and pulling down the most current Android Studio, SDK Platforms and NDK, I’ll try to build “./ org.libsdl.testgles …/test/testgles.c” as my go-to test and I get the below error because build.xml contains at the bottom of file import file="${sdk.dir}/tools/ant/build.xml". Problem is Google has removed Ant scripts so I don’t know what to do at this point. What repro are you talking about?

/home/howie/Development/devlib/SDL2-2.0.7/build/org.libsdl.testgles/build.xml:91: Cannot find /home/howie/Development/devlib/Android_SDK/tools/ant/build.xml imported from /home/howie/Development/devlib/SDL2-2.0.7/build/org.libsdl.testgles/build.xml