Arianne RPG on Mac ( was Re: Circus Linux for MacOS )

Hi, Darrell, and all,

I have a suggestion;
Would any one here like to port Arianne RPG to MacOS?
How about you, Darrell?

I’ve found out about this Arianne ( and SDL itself ) some weeks ago,
and I’ve been trying to port Arianne to MacOS.
I’ve managed to build Arianne version 0.3.x on Mac, but currently
version 1.0.0 is under development ( and is ready to out in a month or so
and I can’t port the new version because I’m a beginner and still learning
C/C++, and know nothing about SDL API and all.

I have few friends who can do port this game to MacOS, so I want
any one interested to take part in.

Please visit and you can;

  1. download source files for 0.3.x ( which is not supported any more )
  2. download binary file for MacOS ( which I’ve built using MPW,
    no warranty but it does launch on my machine )
  3. get infos to take part in development
  4. mpg movie trailer of coming Arianne RPG game. ( It’s worth taking a
    look! ).

Arianne developpers are looking forward to port the game to Mac,
but they have no Macs available, so any one who can help them,
please do contact them!
I myself want to help the project, but my experience is too poor for
a big project…

Thank you.

Darrell Walisser schrieb am 04 Aug 2000:

I put your README back, and put Mac stuff in README.mac. You can find
updated .sit file in same location.

Sounds like a business opportunity for Darrell. Grab all SDL games you can
find, compile Mac binaries, put them on a CD, add a simple
Installer/Launcher app, get a publisher. Watch the money coming in
(and don’t forget to put the source on the CD somewhere too).

What are you waiting for? :slight_smile:

Masahiro Minami

------------------------------------ sent by Cyberdog
PowerMac G3/233/DT
MacOS 9

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