(ATTN Sam Lantinga) Select Xinerama-screen?

Hi Sam!

Please tell what the name of the environment variable is when you have added

Per Wigren

On Thu Sep 19 11:35:01 2002, Sam Lantinga Wrote:

I’m trying to implement xinerama-support for Freevo ( http://freevo.sf.net

but I don’t know how to make SDL fullscreen on another screen than 0…

searched through the docs and even the sdl-sources, but I can’t find
anything… It says “SDL fullscreen defaults to xinerama screen 0”, but
then>> how do I specify I want it on xinerama screen 1??

Good question. I can add an environment variable for you, if you want.
There’s no API way to choose which monitor in a multimonitor setup to
use for display.

See ya,
-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment