Autotools NextGeneration (Re: Cross-compiling issue)

autoconf-2.50 is out today.

automake-1.4f is out by last sunday.

The new automake should be ready to handle the needs
of libtool-1.4. Automake and libtool are recommended to
be updated at the same time. Updates to new autoconf
generation is just recommended, it’s more featureful
and it has some bits to increase portability. It doesn’t
look like there’s going to be a libtool update RSN, just
micro bugs there (that is, no showstoppers to be seen.).
Libtool supports quite some targets more than before.

From experiences, the main platforms that we use are
supported smoothly, updating to the newest autotools
generation may require a small set of porting deeds, the
tools (autoupdate) and fine overhauled documentation
of autoconf-2.50 may prove to be very helpful. I do
recommend that people get acquainted with the next
generation autotools, just so to be able to switch over
within the next week(s) in a comfortable way for everyone around.

Guido Draheim wrote on the 12th of May:

It results in updating the project to all the brandnew autotools
around - which is partly the most easiest but it will also bring
about some problems ('had a problem on mac-os-x f.e.) just
because these tools are so, well, neeewwww. As the autotools
group is currently preparing a round of updates/releases, I’d
propose to wait 2-3 weeks and see. I’ll keep you informed.

– guido
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