Back to integrate MikMod into SDL2_Mixer

Hi All,
I’m a contributor to the OpenFodder project:
It’s a full port about Cannon Fodder games to modern systems (windows, linux, osx).

Adding support to Cannon Fodder 2 pc data, there are some .AMF(Advanced Module File) musics game that would be played by SDL_Mixer (libmodplug in particular), but ModPlug can’t play it good as old dos Dual Module Player for example.

To test these .AMF files with a ModPlug player (VLC, Winamp, etc):

  • 02 - Menu.amf: you can heard some “biiip” whistle near at 38sec and 40sec
  • 03 - Heli Animation.amf: same “biip” at the very start of song

I’ll open a bugtracker to this “biiip sound” problem, even if it’s more a ModPlug problem respect SDL2_Mixer.
Maybe this player isn’t done to play all old dos .AMF formats.

But I noticed that other SDL Mixer component library able to play these files is MikMod, and don’t know why from release 2.0.2 there is no more internal reference to dynamic lib. :thinking:

I worked with Visual Studio 2017 (updating VisualC project) on SDL2_Mixer 2.0.4 and LibMikMod (series 3) and I successfully integrate both dynamic and static linking to main SDL2_Mixer.dll library.

Any reasons to don’t go back to include again LibMikMod (perfect to support this old dos .amf formats) into SDL2_Mixer new releases?

I integrated OpenMPT in SDL, if interested - Write me

OpenMPT lib can play correctly .AMF formats?

YES. In addition, it can play compressed formats, my correction

Can you integrate it on SDL2_Mixer lib?