Bad audio performance under X

I have a performance problem. Can anybody advise me what to do?
I have K6 233MHz CPU, 64MB RAM…
Linux-2.2.14, XFREE86 3.3.6, glibc-2.1.2, latest GNOME, …, esound-0.2.17

When I am running quake-sdl (quakeforge) and some other apps and games
(amphetamine, …)
UNDER X the sounds are coming late after events or sound is fragmentary.
I have tried to set up SDL to use SDL_AUDIODRIVER=esd, dma, dsp - it does not
I have tried to kill esd and use only dsp - no improvements.

Is my CPU so slow (…when X running…) or something can be done?
Does anybody else faced this kind of problems (performance?) ?

Thanks …____________________________________________________________________
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