Barebones Cross Platform Command Line Workflow


After getting into Casey Muratori’s brilliant Handmade Hero series, I wish to follow suit in sorts, and roughly recreate his workflow on all the major platforms that SDL supports, namely: windows, mac, linux, android and ios.
To be specific, I want a workflow consisting of text editor -> command line build -> debugger. NO IDE’S IF POSSIBLE.
For desktop platforms, this is hardly rocket science, e.g.
gvim -> bash/cmd -> eclipse cdt.
However, for mobile platforms I am unsure as to the command line invocations, file system setup and debugger to be used. Many tutorials suggest using android studio and xcode IDE’s, however this is something I would like to avoid.
An example on how to do this for the most basic SDL + opengl application would be nice.
Any help into achieving this would be greatly appreciated and I would like to think very useful for anyone wanting a simple development workflow.
Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


For android there is a really nice step by step introduction explaining everything in detail here:

I have an example project, based on that and the android example project from SDL sources, that can serve as a starting point:
It’s very messy and incomplete, just set up for my personal use, so might take some trial and error to get it to work. I tried to explain it a bit in the there but feel free to ask questions/open issues.