Best course to learn Game development vs best course to learn SDL?

Can you kindly recommend me some courses that at first teach game development. And at second teach just SDL.

Game development is library agnostic I mean. that’s why. Any courses you recommend? I prefer C, C++ or Javascript as language.

What do you mean by “Course”? Are you wanting actual college classes, a tutorial, a video series, or a book?
I really liked “Game Programming Patterns” as a mid-level book:
It assumes the project you’re working on is going to be modular and expansive, but many of the patterns can be implemented to speed up or improve smaller games as well.

There is SDL2 Course which are not free

Youtube are worth looking for and there some SDL2 ebook on tablet if you go to play book store.

I recommend lazyfoo’s SDL2 tutorial. He teaches SDL but also from the perspective of learning to make games. I got a lot of help by downloading his examples, compiling them to make sure they worked, and modified them for my own needs. He explains in detail why everything is done as it is!

Lazy Foo’ Productions - Beginning Game Programming v2.0