Blank Vulkan example SDL projects

are there any modern Vulkan SDL code examples that can be a good starting point for an iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac OS game / virtual analog synth?

I am a long time game developer. In the recent years I’ve been stuck with Apple and iOS, but the their recent OpenGL ban was to much for me and, in the move to Vulkan I want to break free.
(I have used SDL a looong time ago, for an unfinished project that I migrated to iOS and is now, finally, after 15 years, in the app store)

Welcome back to SDL!

Vulkan is its own beast entirely. I really recommend getting a hang of SDL (and, perhaps with it, OpenGL or direct x) first.
You will have to manage more or less everything yourself when it comes to vulkan, and that is intentional. SDL has a platform indepentent accelerated 2d graphics api that might help you more than trying to get into vulkan (assuming your games are somewhat simple).

For Vulkan itself, i often see recommended. They use glfw i think, but porting that to SDL is trivial.
Most things don’t change when creating vulkan windows (input, sound, whatever else all stay the same).
The sdl specific things you will need (surface creation, instance extensions etc.) are documented under

Good luck!

I’m experienced in OpenGL and SDL. What I am asking is if there is some empty project to start from, with all the bureaucracy and formalities, something like the old OpenGL example GLGravity. Some 50 lines of code but like the running start in Daytona.

found an answer to my question: