Blit a RGB?


I’m trying to figure out how to as fast as possible blit a RGB-image to
screen. The RGB-image is not from file so that part of the example cant be
used. I simply have a pointer to the start of a plain RGB-image (24-bit). I
have tried to use the rest of the example code and to create a surface with
SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom function and then blit it to the video-surface. I
do get something on screen, but it is definately not the RGB-image. The
video-surface is set up as 800x600x24 and i do get a window that size. What
have i missed? Also, although I am using the SDL_FULLSCREEN flag i dont get
it in fullscreen, i get it in a window, same thing with the RGB-Blit example
but with SMPEG i do get fullscreen when specifying --fullscreen. What have i
missed here?

Thanks in advance
Mattias Blomqvist