BoyCott Advance/SDL 0.2.6R3 released!

Hello everyone,

BoyCott Advance/SDL 0.2.6R3 was released yesterday and has the following

implented for this release :

BoyCott Advance/SDL 0.2.6 Release 3:

  • Added Reverse Sound option as switch and in configfile;

  • Added in-emu GBA Overclocker;

  • Added filter options (2xSAI, TV Mode, etc) as switches;

  • Added multiple joystick selection support as switch and in configfile;

  • Added GBA bios file selection as switch and in configfile;

  • Added LargeEEPROM (64K) selectable option as switch and in configfile;

  • Disabled scanline modes in OpenGL (because of new code);

  • New SDL Soundcode for all Operating Systems (Thanks Sam Latinga!);

  • Fixed Configfile options initialisation (didn’t work right);

  • Fixed Frameskip option (didn’t work since the new autoskip code);

  • Fixed OpenGL rendering speed issue (not at maximum yet);

  • Additional fixes/tweaks;

  • Compiled against zlib 1.1.4 for security reasons;

  • Compiled for Intel Pentium MMX CPU’s and up;

Big thanks to the following people :

Releases can be downloaded from SDLEmu BoyCott Advance/SDL website :

If you encounter bugs, please post them on the SDLEmu messageboard which
be found on the following location :

People who have problems with the OpenGL rendering on WIN32/Linux
(the image has wrong colours and is blitted to half of the display),
use the switch -nvidiahack which solves this problem.

Overall, have fun with this release. Hopefully the 0.2.6R4 or 0.2.7
won’t take this long as it did with this version :wink:


Niels Wagenaar

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