Broken font or broken SDL_ttf?

I’ve found a font which SDL_ttf 2.0.8 renders incorrectly (some
characters are missing their top and bottom parts) but SDL_ttf 2.0.7
rendered fine.

This is the font :

The difference between 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 is that 2.0.8 uses the font
ascent and descent to calculate font height, while 2.0.7 used the
bounding box limits.

I opened this font with FontForge and part of the characters is outside
of the ascent and ascent zones; so I guess the font is broken, not
SDL_ttf, but if someone who actually understands fonts can confirm it,
it would be great.

Also, if the font is indeed broken, is there an easy way to fix it with
FontForge or a similar program?

Gabriel Gambetta
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