Broken touch positions with SDL_RenderSetLogica lSize & HIGHDPI on iOS

I can confirm the “problem”, too, on iOS, but I always assumed that it is
intentional. From my memory (probably not correct terms I’m using) I
understood that the SDL window is in points, and so will be all touch and
mouse coordinates. If you specify HIGHDPI, then you need to query the
renderer for the pixel resolution to check whether there’s a mismatch to the
"points". It was unexpected for me to handle touch events in a different
coordinate system than to handle rendering, but it looks like SDL is
consistent in that separation (at least at the moment).

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Od: Eric Wing
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P?edm?t: Re: [SDL] Broken touch positions with SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize &

"On 4/20/16, Alex Szpakowski wrote:

If my hypothesis is correct, then yes (as well as any other platform SDL
adds high-dpi support for in the future).

Do you know if Mac is affected by this problem too? (I don’t have a
retina Mac either.)

Okay, I just filed a bug so this isn’t lost.

Eric>> On Apr 20, 2016, at 9:37 PM, Eric Wing wrote:

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