Bug in smpeg

I had found a strange bung in smpeg as i include mp3 playing in sdl client.

I send it to the smpeg guys, so i drop here the attachment but i find it
to send it to the list.


I have found a interesting bug in smpeg.

I have 2 smpeg.dll in the attachment.

The smpeg.dll works correct, the smpeg_bad.dll don’t play mp3 correct…
They sounds like hacked in 1/25 second intervalls or so.

Both are 0.4.4. dlls… compiled with VC6 and last sdl version.

The 200k one ( the bad one) is the dll you got when you compile with the
Release options.
There you have in the optimation menu “speed optimation” selected. They is
messed up like
you hear.

Then i change to standard optimation and i got the 280k one - all is ok!

Also, when you compile a a Debug version, all is ok!

Sorry, i had not the time to go deeper in it, just want tell it to you.

Michael Toennies
project leader / lead programmer
Trenz AG