Bug: mouse and cursor don't agree

I am having trouble with SDL under Linux (specifically Fedora Core 1). I
am running SDL 1.2.5. I see the problem in TuxPaint (a kid’s drawing
program) and Frozen-bubbles (when using the mouse).

The problem is that, in fullscreen mode, the location of the mouse and
where the cursor is drawn don’t agree. I am running on a laptop, so in
fullscreen mode, the active window is about 1/2 the screen size (screen
is 1024x768; program window is 640x480). The cursor is drawn up and to
the left of where the app thinks the mouse actually is. The offset
appears to be equal to the width/height of the black border.

I see this in two programs, so I believe it is a libsdl problem. I tried
getting SDL 1.2.6 and compiling it myself, but no change. I tried
turning off DGA mode in X; no change.

Have others seen this? I presume that this is a problem of one part of
the code adding in the offset to handle the smaller drawing area, and
another part omitting it, but I could not see it by inspecting the code.
I would be happy to do some debugging if someone can point to where I
should look.

Thanks in advance,

	Paul Rensing-- 

Paul Rensing <@Paul_Rensing>