Building SDL For Deployment

I am trying to apply my patch that is recently checked in on top of SDL-2.0.5 for Mac, but I am ending up with an unstable SDL framework package. Here is what I do:

Download source for SDL-2.0.5, apply the patch, open Xcode/SDL/SDL.xcodeproj and build the Framework in Release mode(by changing the Build Configuration).

I also notice that even before applying my patch and building SDL locally, size of the package that gets generated on my Mac is around 1K less than what I get from the Framework package I get by installing

I am wondering if any macros are turned OFF in my build or I am using any incorrect configuration.

How can I generate the exact replica of SDL2-2.0.5.dmg locally on my Mac? Or is there a buildbot where I can cherrypick my patch on SDL2-2.0.5 and get a new package?

Any pointers in this regard are highly appreciated.


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Can you please help? How can I create a new framework the same as one that is being distributed on the website. I followed the same procedure as docs/

It’s hard to say whether this difference is a build problem, or just
because the toolchain has changed. Remember that Apple frequently
updates Xcode, clang, Mac OS X, and so forth. So for example, it is
possible a newer version of clang has improved optimizations which
results in a smaller binary.

Generally speaking, we tried to make the Xcode project as simple as
possible and generally don’t make you set configuration flags/options.