Building SDL with Borland C++ command line tools instructions outdated?

Hi there

I’m using Borland’s free C++ command line tools. According to the FAQ
and the documentation, it’s possible to build SDL with it, and compile
SDL projects with it. However, the documentation is limited and rather

The HTML file in the source tells you to type “make -f SDL.mak” and
"make -f SDLmain.mak". However, this doesn’t work at all, since it goes
looking for unexisting obj files. Why does it look for obj files when
the aim is to compile the actual thing?

The FAQ on the site tells you to read the HTML file in the source, and
some vague instructions on what looks like the process of compiling a
SDL project. It doesn’t even seem to work.

I read in the HTML file in the section for the commercial Borland C++
compiler + IDE that there are lib files for it, so I guess I’ll figure
out how to use those.


Best regards