Building SDL2_image static lib for iOS fails due to ApplicationServices dependency

I have a script that builds static libraries for both iOS device and simulation builds. I recently tried to build updated libraries using the latest SDL2_image, but there have been some substantial changes.

The Xcode-iOS directories are now gone, and with it is the scheme “libSDL_image-iOS” so to build for iOS, I’ve tried the following instead:

xcodebuild -scheme "Static Library" -configuration Release -sdk iphoneos SKIP_INSTALL=NO BUILD_DIR=build/SDL2_image-iphoneos

But I get the following error:

error: ApplicationServices is not available when building for iOS. (in target 'Static Library' from project 'SDL_image')

ApplicationServices is for MacOS, not iOS.

I know this change was made, and I have the latest (v2.6.2) which has this change: [iOS] link static lib target to ApplicationServices.framework only wh… · libsdl-org/SDL_image@63e08d3 · GitHub

Am I trying to build this library incorrectly, or is the project not setup to build a static iOS library correctly?

In the meantime, I am going to see if I could use configure/make, but I was hoping I could make mere tweaks to my build scripts rather than change it completely.