Change orientation on IOS

Good day to all.
I’m trying to change renderer resolution on device orientation change.

My first idea was to handle
SDL_WINDOWEVENT_RESIZED event and call SDL_RenderSetScale with new width and height. But it did not make any effect and amount of pixels by width and height remains the same. For example: i inited window and renderer to 480640 px and called
SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize(m_mainRenderer,?_width,?_height); (with params 640
480) it causes my fullscreen image (SDL_RenderCopy(m_texture, 0, 0, scr_width, scr_height)) to go cropped by y and scaled by x.

One workaround i tried was to call
SDL_RenderSetScale(m_mainRenderer,?m_initWidth?/(float)_width,?m_initHeight /(float)_height);
instead of
it worked, but image became very bad.

Also - tried to destroy renderer and create a new one with texture reloading routine - slow.?

So, main question is - how can i change Renderer resolution on SDL_WINDOWEVENT_RESIZED?

Plese help me! stuck for days (and also - sorry for my bad English… i’m Russian)?