Chunking and playing music on different files

Hi, first of all, I’m a first timer with SDL, so forgive me if my question
sounds simple or repetitive.
I’m developing a PDA emulator, and now, especifcally a sound card emulator. So
I’ll have an OS that will open the .wav file, extract chunks and send them, one
by one, to the sound card. I’ve read the newsgroup and the documentation and it
isn’t clear to me how the LoadMUS and LoadWAV chunks the audio. How should I
pass the individual chunks from the OS to the sound card? I do have a buffer on
the sound card, but it’s not supposed to be big enough to fit the entire file.

I searched the newsgroup, but the only thing I found was the use of the RWops
structure to read from memory instead of file, which solves my problem of
playing the chunk on the sound card side, but it doesn’t solve my problem of
sending the chunks from a function to another.

I’ll send the chunks on 4 bytes packages and I should remount these packages on
the “sound card’s” buffer and play them.

Thank you

Arthur V.