City Building game like SC2K

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I’ve started working on an isometric tilebase engine for a city-builder game, based on Sim City 2000. Right now i’m using sc2k assets just for the techdemo, but i’m planning on creating my own graphics.
In it’s current state, terrain editing is implemented, a (very) basic gui is there.

Once the engine is done and i can start with the game i’ll rename the repository, setup a forum and so on.

The game should be as customizable as possible. I’m using json for simple drop-in replacement of sprites and stuff, so it should be possible to easily exchange / expand sprites.
The same goes for the user interface. I’m currently woking on a json based UI, so users can later modify the UI to their liking.

The engine is still in its early stage and there’s a lot of room for improvement, but you can see where it’s going.

I’ve also set up a basic doxygen documentation, travis ci build system, cmake environment and a discord server.

If you’re interested, download and compile the code (or use the windows executable provided at releases). If you like my project, i’m definitely looking for people to join!

Take a look;

short demo video on youtube:

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I have started learning SDL today, your engine is so awesome that I wish I could be able to contribute to this project some day

Hello and thank you so much! Actually the project has hugely grown from “just an engine” to an actual game project with a lot of contributors!

Please check out Our repository at

Or our project website at

You’re also very welcome to join us on our discord server at if you like to join our team as junior dev. Maybe we can help you on your journey to learn SDL?

Hope to hear from you.
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I am glad to hear from you, I program in Pascal and Object Pascal and never tried C++, is it necessary to learn C++ before joining the team??