CodeBlocks and Windows 10

Hi everybody,

I’m new at C programming, and my internet course ask me to install SDL along with codeblocks on my windows 10. The tutorial is obsolete, and it doesn’t work.

Do you know any good tutorial, up to date ?



What parts are you having trouble installing? Up-to-date tutorials are hard to find since the library is always evolving and tutorials are usually a low priority for people.

Hey, thanks, the youtube tutorial was great. I finished the installation, but I got some problem to compile my first test… here is the code :

and here is the screenshot of my compiler :

Can you help me ? Thanks.

Heh, sorry about that. It looks like you got an SDL 1.2 tutorial, but you may have gotten the SDL2 library. This might help you some. Since tutorials tend to be out of date, I use that more than anything. This is all assuming you want to use SDL2 and not SDL1.2 at this time.

Hi Blerg, I fixed it by installing the new codeblock, it has 2 type of project SDL1 and SDL2, so I got you on yhis, thanks :slight_smile:

It is working now, but I need to use the SDL2.dll i a litle bit odd, but I will try like this thanks.

By the way, I began my lessons, and the background color doesn’t change, what could be the problem ?

My code on

Thanks :slight_smile: