CodeWarrior projects updated

I’ve updated the CodeWarrior projects to
build the latest SDL version (from CVS)

Both the old CW5 project, as well as an
updated version for CW6 (Classic/Carbon)

I also found some problems with the old
projects, except for missing files etc:

  • both the debug/static and release/dynamic
    library was using the name “SDL.X86.LIB” ?
  • CW5 couldn’t build for Carbon correctly
    (a known problem, but I removed the targets)
  • CW6 didn’t really want to use the old StdCLib
    (so I just linked against MSL for the “new”)

The OpenGL used was an old version, so I
just deleted that and built against 1.2.
(with a path of “{CodeWarrior}:OpenGL”)
It can be downloaded from Apple’s FTP:

Also did some minor changes in naming:

  • renamed “SDL.PPC.DLL” to SDLClassic
  • renamed “Carbon” suffix to just CRB
  • changed SDL.X86.LIB to just SDL.LIB
  • changed SDL.X86.DLL to just SDL.DLL

Here is a portrait of all of the family together:

“SDL” is the old Mac-library that is even MPW-compatible,
SDLClassic is for InterfaceLib and SDLCarbon for CarbonLib

You can only have one of them “active”, or you’ll get errors
like these:

Tested with Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 (Classic), Windows 98 (VPC)
and seems to be working just fine - including the GL demo.

Here are the exported XML project files, from CodeWarrior:

It also includes a few new/updated Mac support files.
I’ll make a binary version of “CWProjects.sea” later.


PS. Yes, it’s all obsolete… Still works fine, though ?
For the real builds, I’m using Xcode. (GNU Make too)