Compatibility of Android Project with AAB bundle

I’m basing my Android build on the template project in SDL2-2.26.2/android-project/ and this works well for creating an APK file. But if I try to create an AAB file (which is required for submission to the Play Store) it fails, seemingly because the project structure is incorrect, or has missing files.

Can anybody (perhaps AntTheAlchemist) give me some guidance on what I need to change or add so that an AAB file can be created successfully? Can the template project be updated accordingly?

I’ve not had any problems building bundles. I just tried SDL’s latest source project and it works out of the box as well - didn’t need to modify anything. I’m using Android Studio on Windows 10.

I do have to go into Tools - SDK Manager and deselect everything. Untick hide obsolete checkboxes, so you can remove every platform and tool. Then try to build and let it install what it needs from fresh.