Compile error vs everything works sdl_net

Hi, I decided to move to the newer lib versions without moving to the new
sdl. I do this every year or two. Sometimes i skip a version because it
does not work right instead of redownloading the fixed version. The short
of it is that if I change the directory to sdl_net 1.2.8 instead of 1.2.6 I
‘SDL_reinterpret_cast’ : undeclared identifier

on this line of code:
fout << " port " << SDLNet_Read16(&serverIP.port) << endl << endl;

so I changed it so it would just use string
sp1=SDLNet_Read16(&serverIP.port); and it did the same thing.
This is on visual c++ 6.0 and windows to be specific. I looked at the noes
and could not see anything that said they way it compiles has changed or