Compile errors--> 'make' fails

I want to use smpeg based applications for viewing video files and the
current version requires the latest version of SDL. Since I’m running
Slackware, I must build it from source and I am having some problems.
‘Make’ fails recursively when atempting to create the appropriate files
for joystick handling. How do I avoid this? I would like to be able to
use a joystick in the future, but I don’t have one now. I suppose it
doesn’t really matter to me, I just want to be able to compile and
install SDL correctly so I can move on to other things.

/usr/include/linux/config.h:4: linux/autoconf.h: no such file or directory

On Tue Jul 17, 2001 at 11:12:22PM -0700, the boisterous
Jason Cook
wrote to me:

/usr/include/linux/config.h:4: linux/autoconf.h: no such file or directory

You rolled the linux tarball out but didn’t run a “make config” or whatever.

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