Compiling SDL with ICC/ICL

I use ICL/ICC (Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018) for all my work. I also use SDL as the graphics and events platform.
I know that it is possible to compile the SDL with MS-VC and call SDL2.DLL from my Intel code. But I do not like that way, the performance of the code created by ICL outperform MSVC by far.
I compiled SDL 1.x and 2.x several times with ICC/ICL and it is always a painfully process.
Right now I downloaded SDL 2.0.22 and am trying to compile with ICL. As always there are conflicts, starting with _byteswap_ushort (that I already solved, was easy) and finally with ICL _intel_fast_memcpy() and some other intel optimizing solutions.
My question is: Is there any solution allowing an easy compiling of SDL 2.0.22 under ICL/CC?

NOTE: I use ICL/ICC under Windows and ICL/ICC replaces the VC compiler inside Visual Studio. My targets are Windows 10 and 11.


I just found the solution to avoid the conflict with _intel_fast_memcpy() .
The compiler switch “/Qfreestanding” solved the issue (in Linux the equivalent is -ffreestanding).

So, I now have the SDL 2.0.22 compiled with ICC/ICL.