Compiling SDL2 with Mali FB driver

I’m trying to compile the latest SDL2 with the mali fb driver, but there doesn’t appear to be any option for it (enable-video-mali)

I’m trying to do this with buildroot-2015.11.1 configured for the board that I’m targeting and it does have

I tried this configure command and it does let it build, but there doesn’t appear to be any valid video driver

./configure --disable-video-directfb --disable-video-rpi --disable-video-x11-xcursor --disable-video-x11-xinerama --disable-video-x11-xinput --disable-video-x11-xrandr --disable-video-x11-scrnsaver --disable-video-x11-vm --disable-video-x11 --without-x --disable-video-opengl --enable-video-opengles --disable-input-tslib --disable-oss --enable-alsa --enable-alsa-shared --disable-dbus --enable-video-kmsdrm --host=arm-linux --prefix=/usr

I’m not aware of any Mali-specific code in SDL…?

Is it possible there’s some other thing (like KMSDRM) that needs behind the scenes, but just looks like OpenGL and EGL to SDL?

(so many acronyms! heh)

It’s possible I’m misunderstanding, too.



If you’re looking for mali-fbdev support you’ll have to use one of the SDL forks where support has been added. A few of the forks that I know of are here:

There may be other forks out there that are more up-to-date or better suited for your needs, so you may want to look around. You could also make a patch from the 2.0.2 version above and apply it to the latest SDL2.

Hope that helps.