Composing words with chinese input method in iOS will receive SDL_TEXTINPUT events

This will not happen in windows while composing words with chinese input method. For example: if I need input a chinese word “靠”, I should press 3 keys including “k”, “a” and “o”. In windows, I will receive SDL_TEXTINPUT after composed “kao” and choosed the “靠” word from method. but in iOS, I received SDL_TEXTINPUT while composing “k” “a” “o”, received 3 times. so I don’t know how to deal with this event, because I don’t know whether the user is inputting “kao” or “靠”.

ps: I use “Simplified Chinese” Keyboard setting, When I use “Pin Yin” to input text, candidate text will not be displayed.

Who can help me… Thanks!!

Unless you have a bug in your program, this sounds like a bug in the
iOS backend (or simply that the feature is not implemented for iOS).
Have you tried this example program:

Does ist show the same erroneous behaviour? If it does, you should file
a bug report in Bugzilla.