Configure script problems

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to build SDL_image with a custom cross-compiling toolchain,
but I’ve been having a number of problems with the configure script. The
configure line that I’m using right now is:

SDL_CONFIG=/home/ersin/vorpo/toolchain/usr/bin/sdl-config CC=“i386-linux-gcc
–sysroot=/home/ersin/vorpo/toolchain” CFLAGS="-Os" ./configure
–prefix=/home/ersin/vorpo/toolchain/usr --host=i386-linux
–disable-jpg-shared --disable-png-shared --disable-tif-shared

where all the libraries that I’m trying to link against are in
/home/ersin/vorpo/toolchain/usr/lib. When I try this, however, I get error
messages that libjpeg cannot be found (but jpeglib.h is found and usable).
Also, previously I was manipulating some stuff in my GCC specs file instead
of setting --sysroot, and although it got me past the libjpeg problem during
the configure, while building it was giving me errors about libpng, which is
not even installed under /home/ersin/vorpo/toolchain/usr/lib, but rather is
in my host system’s directories.

Is there something I’m missing here? It looks like SDL_image’s script is
arbitrarily ignoring my --sysroot (and, before when I was using a specs
file, my -lsystem and -nostdinc) commands.

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