Correct configuration of an SDL/C++ project in Kdevelop or Gnome Builder?

Hello, I haven’t found anything in the wiki or on the internet on how to correctly configure a project in SDL/C++, using Kdevelop or gnome builder.

Does anyone know a tutorial or a very secret video that explains very well how to configure it?

Note: I think this should be on the wiki, it’s very important for newbies.

greetings :smiley:

You can use CMake plus KDevelop. There’s many guides how to use CMake with KDevelop and SDL2 with CMake. What about Gnome Builder it’s sounds funky for me. Cheers!

I think using CMake with package manager (VCPKG, Conan, etc) will save you a lot of headache.

This is what I usually use: GitHub - wutipong/sdl2-template