Crashing problems with MSVC++ .NET 2002 (aka v7.0)

I’ve found that all my SDL programs crash really well – all for the same reason. Even if I compile some of the example programs exactly as-is. This happens whenever I don’t pass in the no-parachute stuff to SDL_Init. The debugger (which, I know shouldn’t be relide opon without the no-parachute stuff, but it seems to be consistent with all the debugging stuff I’ve thrown into the code [printing to STDRR alot]), it happens in doexit(), after the SDL_Quit handler returns (I threw debugging prints in there, too) – with a NULL function pointer. Is this a common problem? And, is there a better way to “fix” the problem than to do the no-parachute stuff, or does the problem ly deep within SDL itself?

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