Crazy Cubes


Just finnished my game Crazy Cubes, and would like to share it with you!

I’ve been programmign in C++, and the game is for Windows only.

  • You controll a cube, and your task is to avoid the dark cubes & other things that might appear.

  • Get as much points as possible by collecting point symbols.

  • LvL increase, wich means everything goes faster/gets harder the longer you stays alive

  • When you reach a certain amount of points, next map is unlocked.

  • Different buffs to collect, speed & minimode

  • If all buffs are active, ubermode is triggered. While in ubermode you can catch the dark cubes for points. Also you are immune to all damage.

*Upgrade your cube with speed 0/3, minimode 0/1 and portals 0/1.

  • Minimode makes your cube smaller. Speed makes it faster.
    The portal upgrade lets you to place portals wherever you want ingame. You place 2x. If you enter one of them, you will come out from the 2nd.

  • Small Local multiplayermode - Survive as long as possible & get points

Download link: (the link is linked to a click counter, so i can track how many downloads i get )


Game is ~ 21 mb

Would be happy to get some feedback etc :slight_smile:

Anyway, now is the time to move on to Java & android. So this is what i’ll be doing now :slight_smile:

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

here’s a video:

My first game ever made using SDL & API

Cool game man.


Working on an update that will make the game much more fun i hope & appealing to look at!

New downloadlink.

Not sure how you play the game but it looks well done. God job

Thanks for the comments!

i’ve updated the game to 1.6. , wich includes some code optimization / artwork & FIREBALL with physics.

Posting my youtube promo video here:

Stay awesome!

Martin O

Would also like to update my download link:

/ Martin O

Updated to 1.7

  • Sync your scores with my database by pressing ‘F10’ ingame
  • Live scorelist on the website & scoreboard
  • Toplist of the month

Check for information, updated downloadlink & scoreboards/leaderboards.

/ me

  • Forgot to mention that you’ll also can pick a Username now by pressing ‘F7’ ingame

About to release an update wich adds an “multiplier” , this multiplier can be either 1x, 2x or 3x.

if you manage to catch 3 pointssymbols in a row it increases to 2x. Now the points symbols are worth double the points.

if you manage to catch 5 pointssymbols in a row it increases to 3x. Now the points symbols are worth tripple the points.

If you fail to catch a pointssymbol, it resets to 1x.

All this comes with some nice effects & nice soundeffects.

Update will prob be releasesd tomorrow.

Just for curiosity, but how much people downloaded your game? I’m making a game too, my first, and want to know that just for have an idea when I publish my game.

New downloadlink . version 1.8 .Try it out and compare tour score with everybody else.

To answer the above post:

got around 1500 downloads in tota from what i can see.

Tough i put it out as torrent aswell & i cant calculate These downloads.

I guess around 2000 so far.

Ok thanks for share, it’s a good number.

Working on better design, to improve gameplay. Will also add new font.

Release: don’t know :slight_smile:

Releasing V. 2.0 soon . in a weak maybe.

  • New maps

  • New graphical design

  • New functions with awesome soundeffects

  • Some bugs solved

  • Automaticly syncing Toplist

Ill update this thread when it’s released.

So! Version 2.0 is now out!

Whats new in 2.0?

The Game --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • World Records for Eeach Map! (check - The top Players are listed to the site automaticly.
  • New Maps
  • Improved Visuals
  • New Functions
  • Solved Bugs
  • New Awesome Soundeffects & Animations

Webpage ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • New WebDesign--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Everything has been facelifted

Download Here:

Or Via my Website:

/ Martin Oskarsson

**Version 2.1 Out! **

What’s new in 2.1?

  • Improved Visuals
  • Updated Anti-Cheat Engine (If a file is manipulated The game will Send Username & Details to my server)

What to expect in future Updates:

  • More Maps
  • Better Visuals / Graphics
  • Working on a Particle Engine

Download Here:

/ Martin Oskarsson

Forgot to Mention that i finally moved The game to A real Domain.****


Version 2.2 is about to be released!

  • The game has been updated with an Update Tool(Check & Update The Game Version from The Ingame Menu)
  • Improved Code
  • Better Visuals