Current status of high DPI support on Windows?

Hey guys,

I was wondering what the current status is of ALLOW_HIGH_DPI support for Windows? In my testing, I thought it was not implemented, but I thought I had seen elsewhere that it is possible if you flag the window as “DPI aware” to the operating system, but I am unsure.

Users have been asking about this, and I’m trying to understand if we can high density on Windows already (but it works differently than macOS) or if this is unsupported. If it is unsupported, is anyone working on it?

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I’ve been working on a patch over the past few days, and it seems to be promising (I’ve got it working to a point where I can drag the testdraw2 sample between a normal and high-dpi monitor, and it resizes properly :slight_smile: ) but there’s a lot left to do before it’s ready to submit.

Until SDL2 has proper support, you can hack it by declaring your app as DPI aware, either in the XML manifest or by calling SetProcessDPIAware (or one of the newer variants). See MSDN docs such as:

However, to work correctly on multi-monitor systems with different DPI’s, it really needs to be implemented inside SDL2.

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