CVS Update (February 15, 2004) - Release Candidate!

This is an SDL 1.2.7 release candidate:
Please let me know if there are any last minute problems ASAP!

Here are the changes since the last update:

  • Added fullscreen toggle support in testwm for Windows, etc.
  • Fixed mouse focus events after resetting video mode on Windows
  • Removed debugging print statements in DirectX driver
  • Re-added Objective-C export symbols for SDL_QuartzWindow
  • Added colorkey blit tests to testvidinfo (thanks Mike!)
  • Added video hardware acceleration support on QNX (thanks Mike!)
  • Fixed video crash on some Atari systems (thanks Patrice!)
  • SDL no longer sets a fatal signal handler for SIGPIPE
  • Fixed typos in DirectFB video driver
  • Fixed modifier key state on MacOS X (thanks Max!)
  • Use sigaction instead of signal to preserve handler flags (thanks Matthew!)
  • Added support for remote XVideo (thanks Frederic!)
  • Try to use higher refresh rate by default in DirectX driver (thanks Dmitry!)
  • Fixed ring 0 video flip busy wait on some versions of Windows (thanks Dmitry!)
  • Fixed static linking on MacOS X (thanks Max!)
  • Detect new XFree86 mode switch key on german keyboards (thanks Jens!)
  • Fixed typos in the HTML documentation
  • Various Atari video driver improvements (thanks Patrice!)
  • Fixed compiling with broken Linux 2.6 headers
  • Added SDL_HasMMXExt(), SDL_Has3DNowExt(), and SDL_HasSSE2()
  • Added Altivec detection support on Linux/PPC
  • Updated aclocal macros for new version of automake
  • Updated Visual C++ 7 projects with new API files
  • Fixed mouse cursor visibility and focus events on MacOS X (thanks Max!)
  • Added Altivec detection support for MacOS X (thanks Max!)
  • Added support for /dev/joy* on Free/Net/OpenBSD (thanks Christian!)
  • Fixed problems with CD-ROM audio playback on MacOS X 10.1
  • Added dynamic GL library loading to MacOS Carbon support (thanks Anders!)

-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment