CVS Update (image loading)

The new SDL CVS snapshot is available:

What’s New?

The mixer library is now under LGPL, so it can be used by commercial programs.

Due to popular demand, there is a new image loading library in the examples
archive. It loads BMP, 1-bit/8-bit/24-bit PCX files, GIFs, and PNG images.
… 24-bit PCX images and PNG images with alpha information have not been
tested, but theoretically should work. The library supports the SDL data
source concept, so if you have custom data sources, they will work with
the image loader.
This library has only been tested under x86 Linux.

You can find the new image library in the ‘libimg’ subdirectory, along with
a sample program ‘show’ which displays image files.

I’ve also fixed MTRR detection on Linux 2.0 kernels. Thanks Thierry!

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