Database access

Hi there,
I’ve started working for a company that has clients with different
databases (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Access, etc…). I would need to have
a program that can connect to these different db systems and interact
with them.

I’m sure there are libraries that can take care of that already, but
as I kept thinking. Data storage is an important part of many
application and we may (if it doesnt exist) build a library that can do
that simply. Would provide basic read/write to the database with no
fancy queries or with a frontend function to special db queries.

Mainly this library could take care for any program (including games)
of storing data on disk (fetch an image data from a db entry instead of
a file) and could possibly try to do it securely, in a compatible and
efficient manner. It could be an extension of the SDL_RW utilities that
would be perfect for other libraries…

For now, I’m just starting the investigation, I don’t even know yet
how to connect to a MS SQL server from C++, I’ll find out, or if you
have any pointers, please tell me! But I definately plan on being able
from a C++ program to deal with different databases in a standardised