Digital Mars C++ Compiler IDE Project Files for SDL-1.2.5

Hello. I’ve created some experimental project files for use with the
Digital Mars C++ compiler and IDE under Windows. As far as I can tell,
this isn’t duplicating any existing effort. If it is, however, please let
me know. offers more
information and downloads.

I’ve managed to successfully build a DLL file of SDL-1.2.5, sdlmain.lib
and then tested it out briefly with testsprite.exe (which seems to work).
Your degree of success may vary, as I haven’t tested the audio, CD-ROM,
input, timer, thread, etc., capabilities as of now. This is experimental
at this point in time.

While currently messy (and thus unsuitable for official inclusion or
anything of the sorts), and not particularly useful to those without the
Digital Mars IDE, maybe somebody out there will find this to be somewhat

Josh Rendlesham
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