Does not display the image without color-key - Android

I load the image via SDL_LoadBMP, convert it to texture, then copy it to texture2 and display it in the loop, but the image is not visible.
The image is visible if I use SDL_SetColorKey before converting to a texture or if I display it directly (target=NULL).

Can someone explain it to me? I am using SDL 2.0.8

What format BMP, 24 bpp or 32 bpp? One explanation might be that it’s a 32 bpp RGBA BMP, and all the alpha bytes are zero (transparent).

2, 16 or 256 colors.

SDL_SetColorKey makes colors opaque ?

use SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface()
also update SDL, many bugs were fixed

I used !!!

Apart from the specified key color yes, of course. If you specify a key color which isn’t anywhere in the image it will become entirely opaque.

The opposite happens. If I specify a key that is in the image - the other colors are visible. If it is not in the image - the whole image is not visible.