Does SDL2 official support Windows 10 ARM arch?

hi SDL team,
Now we want to using SDL2 in windows 10 arm platform, and I try to build SDL2 win10 arm version by myself. but i got many build errors.
So i want to ask does SDL2 official support win10 arm platform? if not, Is there a support plan about this?

It can definitely be built for Windows 10, and it can definitely be built for ARM. Check here to see if this has what you need:

I also had to successfullly cross-compile the SDL2 and my game into the ARM64 architecture in a form of classic application. Recently I had to successfully launched the game on my friend’s phone where he had to install the desktop Windows 10 on it.

@Devsman @WohlstandFox
thanks for your response and suggestion. i will have a try again.