Don`t work SDL_PollEvents

Hello all, im try porting windows-only game and try replace dinput on SDL. Code look like:

    SDL_Event event;
    while (SDL_PollEvent(&event)) {
        printf("some event\n");

Problem: SDL_PollEvent always return 0.
What Im do wrong? Need mandatory create context and window? Or something else?

I do believe you need a window before you can get events,

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This not work:( Im created Window and Renderer, but still cannot get any event. And so strange - if I do SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO), at call SDL_PollEvent just crash, if replace SDL_INIT_VIDEO on SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING - working…

You should be able to use SDL_INIT_VIDEO as this initialises the event system for you. Can you send me a sample of your code so I can see whats happening please.

Problem solved, before main loop need call SDL_PumpEvents().
Code sample can see there:

src/xrEngine/xr_input.cpp - Loop with SDL_PollEvents()
src/xrEngine/device.cpp - init loop with SDL_PumpEvents()
src/xrEngine/Device_Initialize.cpp - SDL_Init()

Strange you need to call pumpevents as SDL poll event implicitly calls this for you.

Is the event handling done in the same thread where the window lives ?

Yes, in same thread.