downloading SDL libraries for use in Xcode

Hi, I’m a total beginner using C++ and Xcode13 on an M1 Mac.

I’ve managed to download SDL2 and got it working enough to open a window. Now I’m trying to download the SDL2_images-2.0.5 library (and I suppose I’ll want to download other libraries in the future). I’m trying to follow Lazy Foo’s tutorial here, but it’s for SDL2_images-2.0.2, which I guess is why it isn’t working. Either that or I just did any/all of the steps wrong (I feel like I might be trying to run before I can walk haha - I’ve only been coding in C++ and Xcode for a week).

In step 1, I don’t know what a Development Directory is so I just put it in the same frameworks folder that I put the basic SDL2 in.
In step 2, the screenshot has a “sources” folder, but I don’t have that and I don’t know why, so I just put it under the PROJECTNAME.
I got as far as the end of step 3, where it was supposed to be able to compile, but I still got errors that it couldn’t find the header file. I noticed that the screenshot had an SDL.h file, but I did not have that, so I googled it separately, and copy and pasted a txt file I found into a new header file, and stored that in the Include folder where it should have been.
I followed step 4 as best I could, but again I didn’t have a “sources” folder to put it in.
I have no idea what step 5 means.
The assets folder referred to in step 6 did not exist in the folder I downloaded from the SDL website.
No surprises, it couldn’t compile in step 7.

Apologies for being so clueless, and many thanks to anyone who can help me!

It doesn’t directly address your issue (sorry!) but I can highly recommend SDL_stbimage as a lightweight alternative to SDL2_image when the facilities it provides are sufficient. It has no dependencies and as a header-only library it’s straightforward to incorporate it in any build.

You actual saint, thank you!! That sounds like exactly what I need - I’ll give it a go! What a quick reply :pray:t2: