Dual display working! but slow

I have been finnal abel to get dual display work correctly on our embeded
system running X windows. So far we used only one screen, running X with DGA

Now I can access the second screen which is simply spanned right from the
first. So instead of 1024x768 I now access 2048x768 video screen. Thet’s all
nice but I have couple of questions and an observation

  • First of all DGA driver can not run that resolution full screen. Does
    anyone know why?
  • X11 default driver can, so I switched to that but I now have performance
    issue (30-40% less performance which is unaccaptable)
  • I had to patch SDL_Flip() so that it copies only the contets of set
    cliprect. Since sometimes I do not want to refresh iamge on second screen to
    improve performace. Shouldn’t SDL_Flip() take into account cliprect by

So my question is obvious - how to improve performance? Can I somehow make
DGA driver work? SDL vidinfo reports for it the maximum resolution 1024x768
while for X11 driver it is 2048x768._________________________________________________________________
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Did you sort out the SDL dual monitor problems you were having?

If so do you know if any of it has been integrated into the current

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