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OOPs sorry. I guess that explains some of the duplicate emails. If I hit reply or reply all it makes you (mason) or whoever cc. The list server thinks you want a cc heh heh. I’ll try not to do that but if you guys do it I don’t mind. I’d think if the mail system would simply say so and so wote on the inside but on the from line give list and on cc line leave blank it would help out. I know my mail client got the name from the sender formatted like that. Should we complain?---------------------------------------------

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Sam posted this after I had a bunch of trouble compiling the DLL from source. This is sort of an “officially unofficial” build.

BTW please don’t CC me with replies to my posts, seeing as how I’m subscribed to the mailing list already.

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UH Hiyya,…I don’t see any sdl 1.3 downloads on the sdl org website. I thought it was not done yet as far as graphics and a few other things?? Is sdl ready for demos? Please show me the light :slight_smile:

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I’m using the 1.3 DLL preview that Sam compiled and posted on the website, and I’m getting some strange results from SDL_GetRenderDriverInfo.

SDL_GetNumRenderDrivers returns 4. The 4 driver info structs I retrieve from SDL_GetRenderDriverInfo are named: gdi, opengl, software, and
software. The last two are exact duplicates, and there’s no direct3d/directx renderer in the list. (Under Windows Vista, with DX10 installed.)

Any idea what’s going on?

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