Dynamic referencing of GL symbol list


I am currently working on an SDL port of Doom Legacy under Linux. Up to
now it went very smooth. Congratulations, SDL is a very valuable piece of code

Our game supports OpenGL as an option, but I do not want to link the
binary against libGL, as there are surely users out there which do not have
OpenGL installed and just want to play in SW rendering. So I was thinking of
using SDL_GL_GetProcAddress to reference the OpenGL functions at runtime.

Now on to my questions:

  • does this work with both SDL linked against libGL and SDL NOT linked
    against libGL (with optionally loading via SDL_GL_LoadLibrary) - at least it
    seems to work when SDL is linked against libGL …

  • even if it works under Linux: will I have problems with this on MacsOS
    and BeOS (which will be the next ports)?

I would like to avoid a platform dependent dlopen() for each platform, so
if I could handle this via SDL it would be very handy …


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