Emscripten: On Screen Keyboard

I hope this isn’t a silly question, but I couldn’t find an answer in a quick search.

If an SDL2 application is running in a browser on a mobile device, how do you enable the on-screen-keyboard?

SDL_StartTextInput() has that effect when running natively on Android or iOS, but seemingly not in a mobile browser. There presumably must be a way, what is it?

The way this is done on Android, IIRC, is there’s a hidden text input box, and the focus is set to it and SDL picks up things from it and once we are done entering text then the focus from it goes away.

I believe the same thing has to be done on the Web/Emscripten version, because I believe there’s no other way to show a keyboard and get it’s input in the mobile browsers. Now I don’t think this is currently implemented in the current Emscripten port yet.

Opened an issue for this